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Sal Chen is a writer, educator, & 

multidisciplinary artist from NYC. 


Sal’s work is inspired by her intersectional identities, & her passionate vision of co-creating a socially and environmentally 

conscious, compassionate, & sustainable world  

for our collective thriving-

fueled by the transformation of the individual. 

Open to collaborations and connecting with community. Feel free to reach out!

I create from an intuitive, process-based approach, mostly from feeling. 

I am guided by my core belief that we are all creative-expressive beings.

I believe art is the expression of our ever-shifting, ever-fluid selves– 

multidimensional, intersectional, and naturally intelligent.

 It is the simultaneous and ceaseless act of celebration and grieving. 

 It is the lesson we are continually learning and teaching to one another.

The form, sound, shape, color, texture, mediums, and tools our art takes on-

all transform as we do. 

And as we move through time and space, 

our art, our experiences, our explorations, and our expressions-change and grow 

(as beautifully as we do).

I am inspired by the individual inner realms and the collective, interconnected psychic landscape.

I am inspired by the bridges we build, 

between inner and outer worlds, 

between past, present, and future, 

between our individual lives and our collective unfolding.

I am inspired by the cycles of shedding, release, and surrender we all undergo as we move along our timelines, as we cross paths, share stories, and weave worlds together. 

I am fueled by my passion to co-create a world for our collective thriving- a vision of the world where we are all free. 

I believe in heaven on earth.

I believe we have the power to consciously choose to create it in this lifetime. 

I believe in the transformation of the individual. 

And I believe our rippling, is the only thing that lasts close to forever, and the only thing that has a chance of touching the eternal and the infinite. 

This is the movement of the gift, and I am grateful to give, receive, and experience it all with you. 


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