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Gift Economy 

These are free offerings - gifts-  from my heart to yours.
There is no expectation or obligation for any reciprocal giving.
The time and energy I put into this work is an extension of my care and passion to fuel  the individual growth and transformation of those wh
o may cross my path and seek out my energy, guidance, direction, or company.
Whether you are a stranger or a close friend, please feel free to access me through this portal- that's why I'm here! This is my way of being available and accessible to all, while moving towards the future I want to create.


For future reference,
if you ever feel called to to send me a gift: 
I am open to receiving 0 -
(zero to infinity) via the methods below. 

PayPal or Zelle:
CashApp: $alchenn
Venmo: @salbugs

I am also open to receiving love letters in my inbox at
Typed or handwritten. Please keep it cute & respectful.


Do you want to learn more about the gift economy?
Check out the book: "The Gift : Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World" by Lewis Hyde. 
Please note that for tax-filing citizens in the U.S., gifts that surpass a certain limit will have to be filed by the giver. As of now, there is an annual gift tax filing-exemption for individuals of $15,000, as well as a lifetime gift limit of $11,700,00. This means you can give any individual, a gift of up to $15,000 per year, without needing to file any forms or pay a gift tax. If you give any individual more than $15,000 within a year, you will need to reach for Filing Form 709 to report it to the IRS. This will then be counted towards your lifetime gift exemption- however a gift tax will only apply if you surpass your lifetime limit of $11.7 million.
From my understanding, these numbers are changeable year to year.  
I am not a financial advisor or tax whiz, just a human bean interested in seeing the gift economy blossom. 
Please do your own research, have gift economy conversations with your communities,  or check with your financial advisor to learn more. 


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