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Human Design Review Session

Human Design is a system for viewing and understanding your energetic blueprint. It is a system that combines concepts from astrology, the Hindu chakra system, the Jewish Kabbalah (Tree of Life), and the Chinese Iching. It utilizes your birth data to generate a unique body-graph that highlights centers, channels, and gates that are activated in your system. 

1:1 - Tarot Divination Session

Tarot is a divination tool that allows us to tap into the wisdom of our intuition, our subconscious, and the energies that surround and guide us. It serves not as a fortune-telling tool, but as a mirror, meant for introspection and reflection. 

I am still studying its history and nuances, but I have used this tool for over a decade, both for fun and to gain valuable insight and affirmation on my journey- especially during many pivotal points in my life. I am happy to share this process with you. 

1:1 - Creative Guidance/ Support Session

A time & space for us to work together on any creative endeavors or personal pursuits, to unravel anything on your mind or in your heart- for me to support your in your process. This can be a container for art-making, dialogue and discussion, ideating, conjuring, organizing, or releasing. 


All offerings will take place online via Zoom.

To schedule an appointment please fill out an application.

In-person appointments can be specially requested, but typically reserved for friends and acquaintances. 

Submitting an application does not guarantee an appointment. 

It is up to my discernment and discretion to decide

whether I will work with you.

I will reach out to you after I review your application to:

confirm an appointment, answer any questions, and provide additional details. 

For additional inquiries, please email me at:

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